Five Verse Novels You May Have Missed

Five Verse Novels You May Have Missed

Now, it's not unreasonable to assume that there are probably a lot of verse novels you've missed, because it's not like folks are busting down the doors to get at them, but I thought I'd highlight a few that are often overlooked. If you're wanting to dig a little deeper into looking for something new, here are a few options. 

Marie, the author, wrote a guest post for this event last year, so this may be on your radar. However, it's published by a smaller press and much of the time they don't get the exposure of the larger publishers. If you like edgy contemporary, this will probably work for you. 

The Golden Gate
By Vikram Seth

While Vikram Seth is a highly regarded author, I suspect that a lot of CEFS readers haven't encountered this older literary novel that--while bordering on pretentious--is quite a captivating read. I realize that sounds like a backhanded compliment, but it's a novel about yuppies in 1980s San Francisco, so I feel like that does come with a grain of salt. 

The Good Braider
By Terry Farish

I really love this short but epic-feeling novel about a girl from Sudan's experience leaving her country and settling in Portland, Maine with her family. There's something so memorably vivid in the writing of this story, and it's stuck with me. 

Reaching for Sun
By Tracie Vaughn Zimmer

When Lisa Schroeder joined us for a podcast episode celebrating verse novels a couple of years ago, she named Reaching for Sun as one of her very favorite verse novels--which is definitely high praise, coming from one of the queens of verse novels. This is a great pick for middle grade readers in particular, but adults looking for a sweet coming of age/family story should enjoy this as well. 

Sisters of Glass
By Stephanie Hemphill

The author of this one is a Printz honoree, but I still rarely see Sisters of Glass included on verse novel lists. Renaissance Era Venice is the backdrop to this novel about two sisters, their family and glassblowing. 

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Five Recommended Verse Novels

Five Recommended Verse Novels