Stream-It: The Wine Show

Stream-It: The Wine Show

I'm always on the verge of canceling my Hulu subscription. It provides little to no value 92.3% of the time. And yet, they keep reeling me back in with some exclusive programming: Moone Boy, The Mindy Project, and now, The Wine Show

You guys, I love wine. I'm not a lush or anything, but I just love wine. I am a member at two local wineries, walk down to my neighborhood wine shop's Friday wine tastings, recently took a class with Josh about winemaking and somehow managed to order a hundred pounds of wine grapes to try our hand at making our own. 

I don't know how this all happened, but it did. 

So, we were cruising around hulu this summer and happened upon The Wine Show, which was, obviously relevant to our interests in the Moon Casa. 

The wine show starts Matthews Rhys and Goode and they're guided by Joe Fattorini, a wine expert who challenges them to discover the winemaking regions of Italy.

It's so goofy, you guys. And I love every minute of it. 

In addition to the inevitably drunken silliness of the Matthews, there's lots of fascinating stories about the people from around the world who make wine. I'm particularly obsessed with tracking down a bottle of Dora's wine, who seems like an incredible winemaker with a philosophy and approach that captivated me. 

And here's the other thing: They seem to intentionally spotlight the diversity of winemakers--it would have been easy to stuff the show with old wine men, but they didn't. Obviously, that's who the stars of the show are, but the folks featured who are doing the actual work of winemaking are actually representative. 

And, finally, I learned a hell of a lot. I'm not used to this when I watch TV, you guys. 

Seriously, growing up behind a vineyard in rural Oregon, I felt like I knew something anout wine, but The Wine Show is a really fun crash course, and thanks to the show, I've tried wines from Greece, quite a few Italian wines varieties I'd never heard of, and I have a whole bunch of stuff on my list (I really want to try a something from one of the small wineries in Australia's Mornington Peninsula).

Even if you're not into wine, this show is so worth watching--there's something equally delightful and educational about it, which is a rare combo. They're also great on social media, so if you have wine questions, it's fun to tweet with both the show account and Joe himself. 

(Also, if you like The Wine Show, I recommend the book Wine Folly, which is a visual guide to wine that's incredibly well done.)

Stream It  @ Hulu

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