Stream-It Saturday: Terriers (TV)

Stream-It Saturday: Terriers (TV)

In my continuing selfless service to the world (ahem), I'm always looking for the next awesome thing to stream. And, of course, I must share my finds with you fabulous folks. Hence, Stream-It Saturday.

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Once upon a time, there was a weird and wonderful show on FX that no one watched called Terriers. It had a loyal following of approximately ten people. Sadly, television networks expect a slightly larger audience than that, and Terriers was canceled after a single season. 


Even though Terriers was only on for one season, it's definitely worth watching--it's more or less a complete story-arc full of fascinating characters and compelling B-side plots. 

Terriers starred Donal Logue as burned-out former cop and recovering alcoholic Hank, whose life has fallen apart around him. He and his friend Britt (Michael Raymond-James) are trying to make a go of it as investigators while navigating their sticky personal lives at the same time.

Y'all know how I love capers, and Terriers is one of the few shows I know of that hits the caper vibe nearly perfectly. (No surprise, the creator wrote Oceans 11.) My husband said that if the main characters were wearing suits and fedoras, it would feel perfectly natural as a 1940s noir-style story, and I think he hit the nail on the proverbial head with that observation. 

Also, like any good noir-ish tale, setting is almost a character in Terriers, in the form of San Diego's seedier side. 

It's interesting rewatching Terriers--which we did recently--because it illuminated how little diversity there is in settings on television these days. I'm too lazy to Google the exact number, the the percentage of TV series set in New York, LA and Chicago has got to be enormous. It was actually filmed in San Diego and that makes the show so much better.  

Terriers also had an excellent theme song. 

The creator of Terriers has recently said that he's considering putting together a television movie to wrap the the characters' storyline and that would thrill me to no end. If it doesn't happen, at least we have a single brilliant season. 

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