Dear Googler, Volume 5

Dear Googler, Volume 5

Dear Googler,

It's been awhile since we've posted an installment of "Deear Googler," the feature in which we answer the questions of Googler searchers who stumble upon Clear Eyes, Full Shelves thanks to the magic of search engines.

You asked, we answered.


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Why thank you. :) 

Notes for Chopsticks on the Piano

Laura, our resident YA evangelist, is also a real life Piano Technician and has many, many not-so nice feelings about Chopsticks. And, honestly, you had to Google the notes to Chopsticks? I don't even know what to say, except maybe you should just read the book Chopsticks instead.

What do you think happened to Rhys and Sloane at the end of This is Not a Test? 

Oh, man... I am kind of an optimist, so I like to think they had a positive outcome. However, Courtney Summers is kind of the queen of ambiguous endings and I think she wants her readers to decide for themselves what happens to her characters after the final page. So, the more important question is,

"What do you think happened to Rhys and Sloane?" 

Help, I need a good urban fantasy series! 

I totally understand this query--it's hard to wade through all the series. Here are a few we've recommended on CEFS.

Best Kickass YA Urban Fantasy

I have a harder time finding good YA urban fantasy than I do adult (above). However, I have a few recommendations that may float your boat.

The Best Justin Timberlake Song

Choosing the best Justin Timberlake song is like choosing the best puppy--it's absolutely impossible. This is a known fact.

I happen to love Cry Me a River, What Goes Around, the new Pusha Love Girl and, of course, the hilarity of [Redacted] In a Box.

I rounded up my favorite lyrics from his new album earlier this year.


The appropriate age to read A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly.

I adored Jennifer Donnelly's multi-award winning novel about a girl in turn-of-the-century upstate New York. It's classified as young adult, so that means officially teens and up. However, it's the sort of book I would have loved as a middle school-age kid, despite the heavier themes. It really depends on the reader.

Friday Night Lights Explained

It's the greatest show ever--what else needs explaining? 

Katherine's Hairstyle on The Vampire Diaries


I know, I know... It's fabulous, isn't it? I'm thinking a large curling wand is necessary to achieve this look.  

YA Novels with Positive Sexuality

This is something I feel very strongly about, hence an ongoing list on this this topic has been part of the blog from the first day we launched. Check it out here. 

Best Erotic Books for Men

Why do men need "special" erotic books? You may want to think about the assumptions you're making when you search for books in a gendered manner.

I'm just saying...

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