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Podcast #11: Personal Agency in Fiction with Author Mindi Scott

We're super-excited to have a two-part episode of the podcast with our friend and a favorite author, Mindi Scott. Mindi is the author of two outstanding books for teens, Freefall (2010, Simon Pulse) and Live Through This (2012, Simon Pulse).

Mindi's novels are "quieter" stories focussing on characters taking control of their own lives--stories of personal agency. We thought it would be great to have her talk about this theme in the context of not only her own books, but those she recommends as well. Mindi brought up some fascinating concepts related to how these types of stories are constructed, so we hope you enjoy!

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Podcast #7: New Adult Fiction - Industry Perspectives

Remember our podcast discussion about New Adult fiction?

In that episode, we focused on reader perspectives on this emerging segment of the book market. This time, I'm talking to three smart ladies with first-hand experience with the publishing side of New Adult: Suzie Townsend, agent with New Leaf Literary & Media; Cora Carmack, author; and Lisa Desrochers, author (scroll down for their complete bios). 

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Podcast: What the hell is "New Adult"?

We're back with another installment of the Clear Eyes, Full Shelves podcast! In this episode we ask a lot of questions about the idea of "new adult" fiction.

Is it a genre? Is it a category? Is it even a thing in the real world beyond the internet? Why are most of the New Adult novels seemingly contemporary romance with 18-24 year old? What types of books would we like to see come out of this trend?

As an added bonus, we both reflect on what we were like during that tumultuous--and hilarious--time in our lives. e'd love to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see from this trend.

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